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Tackling 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and New Year! Fingers crossed your haven't given up on your resolutions yet. ;) This year I decided to set a couple goals for myself and my business.

I want to take more time to enjoy with my family. Starting Love & Sawdust in 2016 was so exciting and overwhelming for me. Being a first time business owner I found it hard to balance being a mom, fiance, working part time at my "real job", and building a business. So family time is a priority. I set a deadline for Christmas orders because last year I was delivering orders ON CHRITMAST EVE! Crazy I know!

Another goal I want is to better my relationships with the people who are important to me. Too many times have I have had the conversation a friend, as I'm sure you have too, "Let's get lunch!" or "We need to set up a playdate!" and I never reach back out to do so. No more of that!

Lastly I want to grow my business, introducing the Painting Workshops this year has been very exciting! It has been a huge learning process. Of course I knew how to make the signs, but figuring out how to teach others was not an easy feat! After some trial classes the kinks have been ironed out and we are ready to go! We have a big event happening in April with a wonderful organization from Cincinnati and I am beyond excited to be able to announce the details of it soon!

Thanks for hanging in there with us during our website relaunch! It has been a tricky situation for making the workshop signups function on a site, but we have it figured out! I hope you signup for one soon or contact me so you can host one!

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